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How To Create a Minecraft Dungeons Themed YouTube Banner In Gimp 2.10

[Image: MinecraftDungeonsExample.png]

Sometimes it can be hard to think of what type of banner to do for your YouTube channel, well don't worry because the step by step Gimp tutorial video below will show you how to make an awesome looking Minecraft Dungeons themed banner for your YouTube channel! This banner really will give your YouTube channel a new look. This is a great way to create a simple but effective YouTube banner using Gimps free image editing software.

If you're struggling to follow the step by step Gimp Tutorial video, or just simply can't be bothered to follow the video then you can always download the Gimp project file below in the attachments (You Must Register To Download!)

Got a Gimp YouTube banner that you would love to see me create, then leave a thread in the YouTube Request section here

Useful links from the video tutorial:

You can get the image I used in this example and other images that you may wish to use from the Minecraft website here:

You can download the Facebook logo from here:

You can download the Twitter logo from here:

How To Create a Minecraft Dungeons themed YouTube Banner In Gimp 2.10:

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