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Windows AUDIO problem - Andy Hoang - 07-05-2020

Hey all, I have an issue with my computer where it doesnt detect my headphone jack, and my headphones. I have tried downloading realtek audio driver but it doesnt work. I have also tried using usb headphones but they also dont get detected. I need help any suggestions?

RE: Windows AUDIO problem - Topman - 07-05-2020

Hi welcome to the forum!

The realtek drivers will only work if your motherboard supports them, if you completely remove all the audio drivers from your PC does Windows 10 not install the standard audio drivers?
Try going into device manager then go to audio inputs & outputs and Right click and remove all the devices once you done this restart your PC / laptop and see if this works give Windows 10 a couple of minutes to install the new audio drivers.

It's strange the USB headphones are not working have you tried a different USB port? Does the USB port work with a USB stick?

Let me know if this works.