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How To Start PlayStation 5 Into Safe Mode

How To Enter Safe Mode On PlayStation 5

If you have been encountering a lot of problems with your PlayStation 5 then booting it into safe mode will give you few different options that will hopefully help you fix the problems you are encountering with your PS5.

If you are having problems with your display on your Playstation 5 then you can change your video output, if it is an issue with updating your Playstation 5 then you can manually update it using a USB or still via direct download, you can reset your PS5 back to its default factory settings, clear the systems cache which can help if your experiencing performance issues, reset your PS5 back to the original state like when you first purchased your PS5 or you can do a complete Reset of your PS5 which will also remove the PS5’s system software.

****Top Tip****
It is important to back up any important data if you are going to use safe mode on your PS5

How To Launch PlayStation 5 Into Safe Mode:

1. Make sure your PS5 is turned off completely and not in rest mode

2. Press and hold the power button and after you hear the second beep release the buttons

3. Now plug your PS5 controller in via USB

4. You can now choose what you would like to do in the PlayStation 5 safe mode.

There you have it that’s how you enter safe mode in your PlayStation 5. Be careful with what options you select in safe mode as selecting the incorrect setting could completely wipe your PS5.

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