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All in one powerful Windows utility to help improve your Windows performance, fix common PC problems, free up valuable disk space, and much more…

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Easy Gamer Utility

Enhance your gaming experience with our free to use program

All in one solution for Windows computers for locating game files, fixing games, improving performance, and more.

Repair issues that cause games to stop working.

Clean & Analyze game junk files and cache files.

Launch games with different options for better performance.

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Easy System Utility

All the handy tools you need in one free to use program for Windows

A simple easy to use program to optimize your PC, remove old junk files, repair common Windows issues, and much more.

Optimize and speed up Windows.

Improve your PC health and performance.

Fix common computer issues.

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Easy Browser Cleaner

Quickly and easily clean your Browser with our free to use extension

This plugin is an all in one solution for cleaning your browser history, cache, form data, passwords, and more.

Clean your browser quickly with one click.

Choose what you would like to clean.

Lightweight extension that sits nicely on your web browser’s toolbar.

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CS Easy Unlocker

A lightweight free to use program that will help you unlock folders, that are locked or have permission issues in Windows.

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Schedule Windows power options at your chosen time with our simple lightweight free to use program.

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