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If you are a PC gamer, then you know how important it is to have your system running at its best and have the best programs installed for gaming. That way you can enjoy your gaming experience as much as you can!

We all want to get the best potential out of our computers. But even if you have the best hardware installed, or if you just have a cheap and cheerful PC, you can still come across a variety of issues when trying to play games on your PC or laptop.

Easy Gamer Utility is a free program for Windows 10 and Windows 11, that will basically clean up the cache files for Game Launchers and Graphics Cards which can help with performance, and fix issues you may be encountering when gaming.

You can also use Easy Game Utility to browse for game config files and saved data with ease, and we will add more features soon.

What does Easy Gamer Utility (EGU) do?

This easy-to-use, free handy utility, will remove and clean up unwanted and unnecessary temporary files and cache files for games and game launchers, from your Windows computer.

You can also use EGU to browse for and go to the locations of config files for the games that you have installed on Windows. You will also be able to locate the saved data for your games.

Easy Gamer Utility can help to fix issues when playing games on your PC such as; games keep crashing, not launching, freezing, not loading, not working, or just giving errors and warnings.

You will be able to clean up the following files from your Windows 10/11 computer:

  • Steam cache
  • Epic Games Launcher cache
  • Ubisoft Connect cache
  • EA App cache
  • Battle.Net Cache
  • NVIDIA DirectX cache, OpenGL cache, and Shader cache
  • AMD Shader cache, DirectX cache, and OpenGL cache
  • Intel Shader cache

Why use Easy Gamer Utility?

Over time, your PC and disk space will become full with more games and game data. This can have an impact and cause issues such as slow loading times and make your system more sluggish. This can largely be caused by your system storing temporary files and using up vital space on your hard drive. This in turn can then cause the same problems as listed above, such as games crashing or game launchers not loading.

Windows by default comes preinstalled with Disk Clean-up which allows you to clean up temporary files and give your computer more disk space.

So the Easy Gamer Utility does just that but is aimed more at gamers, as we are targeting temporary and cache files for game clients and later on hopefully games.

You can manually clean up the cache files for each game client such as Steam and the Epic Games Launcher, but the Easy Gamer Utility saves you time and effort and does it all for you. So with just one click of a button, you can clean the files for each game launcher or graphics card of your choice! And this can be done for FREE using this awesome Utility tool.

EGU will also save you time when trying to troubleshoot issues with certain games, as you can go directly to the save data or cfg locations so that you can either rename or remove those files. You will also be able to change vital game settings such as graphics and resolution settings within the config files.

We have added a few of the most popular games, but we will add more with future updates!


  • Simple and easy interface
  • One-click game launcher cache removal
  • One-click driver cache removal
  • Find game save data
  • Find game config files
  • Free to download and use
  • Open cache folder/file locations
  • Small file size making it lightweight
  • No install required
  • Great for gaming PCs or standard PCs



The Easy Gamer Utility will require .NET Framework to work and will work on both Windows 10 and Windows 11 systems.

Current version:

Download Now – Portable (no installation required)

Download Now – Setup File


  • Version – Added “New update available message” detects when a new update is available, also done minor improvements.
  • Version – Added “Clear Intel cache files” to the “Clean Cache” tab. Ability to now clean Intel GPU cache files. Also made some general improvements.
  • Version – Added Star Wars Jedi Survivor and Lego 2K Drive to the “Game Files” tab.
  • Version – Added Valorant and Redfall to the “Game Files” tab.

This program was developed for ComputerSluggish by Christian.