About Us

Hi and welcome to computersluggish.com 🙂

This is our blog where you will find tutorials on Windows showing you just about anything; tips, tricks, troubleshooting, optimising, just the basics, and much more. With Windows 10/11 constantly being updated and improved this gives us lots to write about!

You may also notice on some of the posts we have embedded videos. These are from our YouTube channel that proudly has nearly 60,000 subscribers, if you have not checked out our YouTube channel you can see it here; youtube.com/computersluggish

computersluggish was originally run solely by Christian who does the video tutorials, post tutorials, and loves coming up with new ideas such as this blog. Laura is new to computersluggish and has been recording video tutorials and writing post tutorials, especially the Windows beginners and basics. She also helps keep all the social media up to date as well as keeping the blog maintained.

We are always welcome to new ideas and also Windows tutorial requests, so if you have a tutorial post or video you would love to see us do then get in touch here.

We really hope you like our blog and all the Windows tutorials we have to offer. We work extremely hard to bring you all these tutorials and to help keep our blog running we rely on advertisement, so if you have an adblocker if you could please add our site to your allow list this would really help us out 🙂