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This program will permanently delete cache files from your PC, which should not cause any problems. But if anything was to cause any problems we do not accept any responsibility and you are using the program at your own risk. View our full T&Cs here.


  • Version: Release date: 20/05/24:
    (Free Version): Fixed GL2 showing desktop widgets not showing until EGU restart, Added new game locations, Increased GL2 length, Other Minor improvements
  • Version: Release date: 08/05/24:
    (Free Version): Improvements to GL2, EGU improvements, Add your games to GL2 desktop widget
  • Version: Release date: 22/03/24:
    (Free Version): Added EA App support to GL2, Program speed improvements
    (Pro version): Added message to launch games with Windows if the game is not detected
  • Version: Release date: 04/03/24:
    (Free Version): Added a new Game Launcher called (GL2) this will allow you to launch all of your games from EGU it currently only has Steam support, Other improvements
  • Version: Release date: 28/02/24:
    (Free Version): New Apps tab now highlights, New Emulators tab now highlights, EGU now remembers the tab you previously had open, Changed the appearance of the Activation Window
    (Pro version): Detect if a product key is invalid and show a message, Added text to the tweaks tab
  • Version: Release date: 06/02/24:
    (Free Version): Added PalWorld, Added CyberPunk, Added Contact US links, Added Attempt Fix For Emulators, Improved All Attempt Game Fixing, Many More Bug Fixes and Improvements Added
    (Pro version): Added App Cleaning, Improved activating PRO, Added Attempt Fix For Emulators, Improved All Attempt Game Fixing
  • Version: Release date: 14/01/24:
    (Free Version): Few adjustments and bug fixes
  • Version: Release date: 19/12/23:
    (Free Version): Few adjustments, Changed admin error message on fixing tab
  • Version: Release date: 11/12/23:
    (Free Version): Added The Finals support, Changed Launch tab layout slightly
  • Version: Release date: 05/12/23:
    (Free Version): Improved loading time, Minor improvements
  • Version: Release date: 25/11/23:
    (Free Version): Removed second scrollbar on launch tab, Added MW3 support, few GUI changes
    (Pro version): Added PRO text to still show on subheadings
  • Version: Release date: 21/11/23:
    (Free Version): Added optimise option before launching a game, Reduced the pop up showing too many times, Added support for more games
    (Pro version): Few changes to Deep Fix/Analyze
  • Version: Release date: 15/11/23:
    (Free Version): Added sub menus, Changed the layout, Performance improvements
  • Version: Release date: 02/11/23:
    (Free Version): Added Request new game on Files Tab, Improvements made
  • Version: Release date: 23/10/23:
    (Free Version): Improvements made to Microsoft Store/Xbox App Fixing, New Clean button added to remove Microsoft Store cache files.
    (Pro version): Enabled NEW Tweaks Tab.
  • Version: Release date: 21/10/23:
    (Free Version): Changed feedback/bug report link to show hand cursor on hover, Minor improvements
    (Pro version): Added option to clear cache files on Windows startup (Enable in settings)
  • Version: Release date: 18/10/23:
  • (Free Version): Fixed bug that stopped EGU being moved when holding the mouse down on Title name, Update Windows now shows when opening EGU from the system tray icon, New update notification window will only be shown once during program use, If EGU is a few versions out of date then you will need to update, added feedback button in settings.
  • Version: Release date: 13/10/23:
    (Free Version): Fixed bug that sometimes kept the EGU icon showing in the system tray after closing, Reduced number of attempt fixes on fix games, Installer changes, Can now only launch a single instance.
    (Pro version): Added automatic updates, Lifetime users can disable automatic updates, Added Membership FAQ button for subscriptions, and Custom Game Fixing Improvements.
  • Version: Release date: 02/10/23:
    (Free Version): Update Window now displays on top of EGU instead of behind, New Update window is now movable, Added our guides on how to update GPU drivers
    (Pro version): Deep Fix/Analyze button improvements
  • Version: Release date: 27/09/23:
    (Free Version): Minor improvements
    (Pro version): Added NEW Deep Attempt Fix/Analyze Button
  • Version: Release date: 22/09/23:
    (Free Version): Added FC 24 config/saved data location / Analyze junk files
    (Pro version): PRO Users Update button will go to the setup page, Added FC 24 Clean junk files option
  • Version: Release date: 21/09/23:
    (Free Version): Fixed AMD Driver files not always being detected, Added DirectX Shader Cache, Renamed Graphics Cards under Clean tab to Graphics, Drivers tab renamed to Graphics, Added GPU download links, Detect graphics card in the system, Added The Crew Motorfest, Added Payday 3 config location
    (Pro version): Added The Crew Motorfest Clean Files option
  • Version: Release date: 07/09/23:
    (Free Version): Added Starfield save data location for Xbox version, Fixed Starfield config text showing on saved data
  • Version: Release date: 06/09/23:
    (Free Version): Added Starfield save data location, added Starfield config data location, added Starfield analyze game junk files
    (Pro version): Added message window to Clean junk files button, Added Starfield clean junk files option
  • Version: Release date: 25/08/23:
    (Free Version): ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON config file and saved data location added, added hand cursor icon on clickable links, minor bug fixes
  • Version: Release date: 19/08/23:
    (Free Version): Madden NFL 24 config file and saved data location added, Madden NFL 24 analyze game junk files added
    (Pro version): Madden NFL 24 clean game junk files added
  • Version: Release date: 17/08/23:
    (Free Version): Added program notifications, Added Notification for Game Launch feature, Fixed Roblox FIX button not launching the game (Roblox Attempt FIX button enhancements V 0.1), Text box/description updates, Added attempt Fix Roblox App version (Trial), Added attempt Fix Fortnite (Trial), Added attempt Fix Warzone (Trial), Added attempt custom game fixing button (Trial), Bug fixes, Browse game dialog to only show .exe files.
    (Pro version): Fixed Launch Game bugs, Backup folder limit increased for Roblox for PRO users, Fixed BIOS/Troubleshoot Message box closing program instead of the message box, Added attempt custom game fixing button.
  • Version: Release date: 04/08/23:
    (Free Version): Stopped EGU sometimes minimizing at startup, Roblox Fix button now shows errors in the info box instead of only showing 1 error, added Minecraft fix button trial, added improvements to Roblox fix button, added backup folder for Fix tab, Launch Tab Save Settings button now shows a saved message, improved EGU start with Windows option.
    (Pro version): Added Enter troubleshoot button, added Enter BIOS button, added launch game on Windows startup, added Minecraft fix button, added remove network adapters button
  • Version: Release date: 31/07/23 – Bug fixes, New Update Window added update changes window, New Update Window improvements, Changed how EGU detects new updates
  • Version: Release date: 27/07/23 – Removed Helpful links dropdown menu, Added settings tab, Moved start EGU with windows setting to Settings tab, Added new update window, Upgrade to PRO button moved to Settings Tab.
  • Version: Release date: 24/07/23 – Minimize bug fixed, Added open EGU option to system tray, Rearranged system tray items order, Added spacer to system tray between games and EGU options, Changed infobox text colour to white and font.
  • Version – Brand new GUI. Also added “Clean game files” section on the Files tab where you can choose a game to Analyze/view junk game files for and in the PRO version you can clean the junk files. Also added a FIX tab where there is currently an option to Fix Roblox with 3 attempts and PRO no restrictions.
  • Version – Added Network tab and Launch tab to program
  • Version – Added The Sims 4 support and BattleBit Remastered support, Added a Mods Files button so you can now view the mod files for games.
  • Version – Fixed bug with Epic Games Launcher cache not always detecting, Added headings above Game Launchers & GPU cache, Removed version from the title bar, and moved to the bottom of EGU.
  • Version – Added “GPU Drivers tab” where you can now remove old drivers for NVIDIA and AMD.
  • Version – Added “New update available message” detects when a new update is available, also done minor improvements.
  • Version – Added “Clear Intel cache files” to the “Clean Cache” tab. Ability to now clean Intel GPU cache files. Also made some general improvements.
  • Version – Added Star Wars Jedi Survivor and Lego 2K Drive to the “Game Files” tab.
  • Version – Added Valorant and Redfall to the “Game Files” tab.
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