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What is the best free operating system for PC gaming? Now this is a question that I have been asked a few times and it’s something that a lot of PC gamers think that there are no free operating systems for gaming well this is incorrect as there are and we will be taking a look at them below.

When it comes to free operating systems for gaming, there are a few options to consider. So let’s go ahead and take a look at three popular choices and you can set up these gaming operating systems right now.

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Best free operating system for gaming

Below you will find what I think are the best 3 gaming operating systems you can use to play your games on your computer.


While not technically free, Windows does offer a free version with limited features, known as Windows 10 Home. Not many users actually know about this but yes you can use Windows for free with just a few restrictions like not being able to change the wallpaper and having a watermark on the screen.

Windows is the most widely used operating system for gaming, thanks to its huge game library, compatibility with hardware and software, and support from game developers.


Linux is an open-source operating system that offers several distributions tailored for gaming, such as Ubuntu, Fedora, etc. Linux provides compatibility with a growing number of games, thanks to tools like Proton and Wine, that allow you to run Windows games on Linux.

Linux is free and offers okay performance and customization options, making it a popular choice for gamers who prefer an open-source environment.


Not a lot of users actually know about SteamOS but it is Developed by Valve Corporation, SteamOS is a Linux-based operating system designed specifically for gaming.

It provides a streamlined interface, optimized performance, and integration with the Steam gaming platform.

SteamOS is free to download and can be installed on a compatible PC, turning it into a dedicated gaming machine for playing games from the extensive Steam library.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it that’s some free gaming operating systems that you can install right onto your computer. It’s important to note that while these operating systems offer free options, some games may still require a purchased license or have additional costs associated with them.

And as I already said Windows, although free, has limitations compared to the full version so if you do like the operating system you might want to think about purchasing it.

Ultimately, the best operating system for gaming depends on your specific needs, hardware compatibility, and the games you want to play. I hope you liked reading this guide and it has helped give you an idea of what gaming operating system to use.

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