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In this post, we will be taking a look at the best websites for Minecraft Mods. I won’t say the best website for Minecraft mods as they all have their pros and cons.

When it comes to finding Minecraft mods, there are several popular websites that offer a wide selection of mods for both the Java Edition and Bedrock Edition of the game.

Below is what I feel are some of the best websites for Minecraft mods, you will need to go to each site and decide for yourself which is the best website for Minecraft mods for you.

Best websites for Minecraft mods


CurseForge is one of the largest and most trusted platforms for Minecraft mods and for other popular games. It features an extensive collection of mods, ranging from gameplay enhancements to new dimensions, items, and more.

The website provides detailed mod descriptions, screenshots, version compatibility, and user reviews.

You can check out CurseForge at:

Planet Minecraft

Planet Minecraft is a community-driven website that hosts various Minecraft-related content, including mods and other game changes. It offers a wide range of mods for both the Java Edition and Bedrock Edition.

Planet Minecraft allows users to rate and comment on mods, making it easier to find high-quality ones.

You can check out Planet Minecraft at:

Minecraft Forum

The Minecraft Forum has been around for some time for the Minecraft community. It has a dedicated section for mods, where you can find numerous mods for the Java Edition.

Again you can find a large archive of mods created by the community.

Final thoughts

These websites provide a variety of Minecraft mods for different playstyles and preferences. Remember to always read mod descriptions, check user reviews, and ensure compatibility with your specific Minecraft version before downloading and installing any mods.

I hope you have chosen the best website to download Minecraft mods for your game from the list above.

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