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Should you play Starfield on a HDD.

So the question is can you play Starfield on an HDD? If you do not have an SSD but would like to know if it’s worth installing the space exploring game to your HDD first then we have the answer to your question below.

Starfield is a pretty large game which of course is going to be as you get to explore amazing planets and fly around space, Did you know you can actually fly from one planet to another without having to use fast travel?

So can you run Starfield on an HDD?

Yes, you can play Starfield on an HDD and this is the first thing I tried on my computer due to not having much storage space on my SSD.

The only downside was the Starfield kept lagging occasionally on my HDD, so in the end I moved the game to my SSD and freed up some storage space.

So if you do not have an SSD attached to your system then yes you can play Starfield on an HDD, You are going to have some delayed gameplay but it is still playable jsut about.

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