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In this guide, we will be taking a look at what you can do to fix the error message “Can not be uploaded, Error message:” when trying to upload a file or large file through CyberPanels File Manager.

The File Manager in CyberPanel is an excellent feature that makes life a lot easier when you need to explore, upload, edit, and make changes to files on a website that you are hosting using the panel. The only downside to the File Manager is the restriction when trying to upload a large file and you end up receiving an error message.

Lucky for us there are a few things that you can do to fix can’t upload files on CyberPanel file manager, so you can get back to upload whatever file you would like to your website/server.

How to fix can’t upload files on CyberPanel File Manager

Fix 1: Increase the PHP upload limit

This might sound a little scary but don’t worry it can be easily done within the CyberPanel settings, so there is no need to connect using SSH.

First, you need to open up your CyberPanel

Under Server on the left Expand PHP then click Edit PHP Configs

Choose the PHP version for the website that you want to increase the File Manager upload size for

Increase the max_execution_time

Increase the upload_max_filesize

Increase the post_max_size

Once you have increased these values click the Save Changes button

Now click the Restart PHP button

Fix 2: Different web browser

It could be a problem with the current web browser that you are using that’s stopping you from being able to upload files using the File Manager. So use a different web browser, if you do not have one installed then you will need to install one there are many available such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc.

Fix 3: Try a different file

If the file that you are trying to upload is corrupted or damaged then this could explain why you are not able to upload it. Try uploading a different file that’s around the same file size and see if you have the same problem, if you do not then you know it’s the file so you will need to fix the file that you want to upload.

If it’s a zip folder then rezip the contents as it might have gone wrong when you originally did it.

Fix 4: Upload using FTP

Well unless you want to wait and see if a new update gets released for CyberPanel that fixes the issue the last thing to do is use FTP to upload your large file. You can use Filezilla to do this and don’t worry it’s just like File Manager but instead using a third-party program on your PC to connect to your severs files, so you don’t need to do any face commands to upload your large file.

First you need to go to the dashboard of the website that you want to upload the file to

Now click on Setup SSH/SFTP Access button

Enter a Password then click the Save Changes button

Open Filezilla on your computer then in the Quickconnect input your server IP, the SSH user which you can see in the above picture is in the location where you setup the password, then enter the password you set above and use port 22

You will now be connected to your server and be able to move the file you want across to your server using the default File Explorer view in FileZilla

Final thoughts

As good as CyberPanel is, it can still have its problems just like any other web hosting panel. Luckily the devs are always releasing new updates to resolve a lot of these problems quickly.

So if the issue with not being able to upload files using CyberPanel file manager is still happening for you, then I am sure there will be an update that fixes the issue soon! You could always ask for some help on the CyberPanel community forum.

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