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How To Change Character In Modern Warfare 2 Beta

In this guide, we will be taking a look at how to change Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 characters. If you have played a couple of games in the Beta on your PS5 or PS4, then you might have noticed that you are constantly using the same characters each time you join a match. And other players are using different COD MW2 characters/operators to yours.

This is because you can change the operator that you use for each team in Modern Warfare 2, which is what we will show you how to do in this guide. And don’t worry, it is not difficult, it’s just knowing where to do it.

The Modern Warfare 2 Beta lets us give the game a go before it gets released, which is a great way of testing to see if you enjoy it. And the time that I have currently spent within the game has been positive! One thing like other Call of Duty games you can do is to change your operator in MW2 Open Beta and there are actually a couple of different choices, which is great!

Below I have listed the steps on how you can change your character for the two teams SPECGRU and KORTAC.

How to change MW2 open Beta characters

Below are the steps on how to change character in COD in the MW2 game on your PS4/PS5.

1. First, you need to select a game mode

Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta list of game modes.

2. Now go across to the OPERATORS tab

Selecting Operators tab in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2

3. You can now select a team by using the right stick on your controller. You can choose from the following:

  • Specgru
  • Kortac
Modern Warfare 2 operators showing select a team icon.

4. Once you are on a team you can now choose the operator you would like to use on that team

Modern Warfare 2 showing operators you can choose from.

5. You will then have a message pop up confirming that you have changed your COD character

Modern Warfare 2 operator selected.

We hope the above guide has helped answer your question on how to change your character in COD, in the Modern Warfare 2 Beta. And you can now run around showing off your new operator on your PS4 or PS5 console.

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Check out our YouTube video here on “Change Your Character In Modern Warfare 2 Beta On PS5/PS4” if you are getting stuck.

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