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In Roblox, “limited” items are special collectibles that were originally sold by the Roblox catalog but are now only available through user-to-user trading.

Once an item is labeled as “limited,” the original supply set by Roblox does not increase, meaning no new copies of the item are sold through the catalog.

When a limited item “has not more copies” available, it means all the copies of that item are currently owned by players and none are available for purchase directly from the Roblox catalog.

The error message is “This limited item has no more copies. Try buying from another user on Your account has not been charged.”

Roblox in-game screenshot of a ferris wheel
Roblox in-game screenshot of a ferris wheel

How To Fix Roblox This limited Item Has No More Copies

The only way to obtain such an item would be through trading with another player who owns it. To find and potentially acquire a limited item that has no more copies available in the catalog, for example:

Check the Roblox trading platforms

You can use the Roblox website or third-party trading platforms to search for users who own the item and might be willing to trade.

Use Roblox groups or social media

Some groups or communities are dedicated to trading or discussing Roblox items.

Joining these can help you find someone willing to trade the limited item you’re looking for.

Be prepared to trade valuable items

Since the item has no more copies available and might be highly sought after, you may need to offer something equally rare or valuable in return.

Final Thoughts

Remember, the value of limited items can vary greatly based on their rarity, demand, and the number of available copies owned by players. Always exercise caution when trading, and use secure, official Roblox trading mechanisms to avoid scams.

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