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Creating A Discord Sever On Windows Computer

In this Windows post, we will be taking a look at how you can create a Discord server on your PC or laptop.

Creating a server will allow you to create all the rules of the server and you will also be able to create channels, categories and also invite who you would like to join the server and loads more! So the benefits of creating your own Discord server are pretty awesome and to make things even better it’s free.

Creating A Discord Server:

1. First, you need to open Discord

2. You will now see a plus (+) symbol in the left menu so you need to click on it

3. Now you will have a window pop up select “Create My Own

4. Choose who the server is for or you can skip the question.

5. You can now upload a server image and give your Discord server a name then click “Create

6. Once created you will be joined into your server and see the below image:

There you have it you have now successfully created your own Discord server, and you can now start creating channels and inviting your friends and whoever else you would like to be a part of your server.

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