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Another season and update for Fortnite and this time it is the OG season. So the reason why you are on this post is you want to know what are the best Fortnite XP glitches on the OG season.

So below I have added some videos from YouTube that will show you the best and fastest ways that you can level up by doing some FortniteXP glitches.

But before we dive in and take a look at some Fortnite XP glitches in the new OG season, let’s talk about the risks and what will be achieved by doing this.

So to start with glitching in Fortnite could get you into trouble with Epic Games. And could also put your account at risk of being banned, as it’s classed as cheating. If you don’t mind risking this then let’s talk about the glitches.

The idea of doing a Fortnite XP glitch is to boost your level up really fast so you can quickly unlock the battle pass and gain access to all the items. Plus you will be able to run around showing off your high level in the game!

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How To Level Up Fast In Fortnite OG Season Doing A XP Glitch

Final Thoughts

So as you can see it’s easy enough to level up really fast in Fortnite OG season by following the steps shown in the above videos. Although we don’t personally recommend doing this, for those who want to then it’s easy enough to do.

If you have come across any more XP glitches for Fortnite that you think should be on this article then reach out to us using the Contact Us form.

For now, that’s it. I will update the article with the next Fortnite season update with more fast XP leveling-up videos.

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