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The Super Mario games are always extremely fun to play, and Mario 3D World is probably one of our favourite games on the Switch. And what makes it even better is that you can complete the different levels in each world as 2 player co-op in Super Mario 3D World, on your Nintendo Switch.

This means you can grab a Joy-Con each and work together to complete each level, collecting stars and collectibles along the way. And at the end of each level, you get to see just how many points you have both earned.

You can complete the game solo, but if you want to team up with your friends or family to help you out with those difficult levels then this is very easy to do. So in this guide, we have listed the steps on how to play local co-op in Super Mario 3D World.

Does Super Mario 3D World have online multiplayer?

Not only can you sit back and play a bit of local couch play co-op in the Mario 3D game, but you can also jump into online play and play with up to 4 friends online. This is great fun to be able to work together and play the fun levels.

If you haven’t tried out Bowsers Fury yet which is included with the Mario game on the Switch, then you can also play local 2 player co-op in that game too.

Can player 2 choose their character?

Player one takes full control when it comes to navigating the worlds and selecting levels in the Mario 3D World. But unlike Bowsers Fury where player two has to play as Bowser Junior, the second player in this game can choose a character from Peach, Toad, Mario, or Luigi. And you can then play together on the same Switch system, in a local game.

How to play Super Mario 3D World Switch 2 Player Co-Op

Below are the steps for playing a local 2-player game on the same Nintendo Switch console with a friend.

1. Launch Super Mario 3D World on your Switch

2. Get your first Joy-Con and position it so that the SL and SR buttons are on the top of the controller > Press the two buttons SL & SR to connect them to your Switch

3. Do the same method above with your second Joy-con controller

4. Grab the Joy-con that is player one (one green light will be showing on the Joy-Con) > Press X to ready up and continue

5. Select Super Mario 3D World from the main menu

5. Select either New Game or Resume

6. On the first Joy-Con controller press the SL and SR buttons to connect to the game > Scroll through to choose a character

7. Do the same method as above with the second Joy-Con > Once happy with your character selections press X to accept on each controller > It will load into the game

That is the end of this guide, and you can now both play local 2 player with your chosen characters in Super Mario 3D World. Go ahead and enjoy the awesome levels, and collect those green stars. Whether you are using fire power to defeat enemies, or a cat costume and climbing the walls!

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