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Play Cross-Platform Co-op With Your Friends

Grounded is a fun survival-based game that we would recommend giving a try! You can try to survive, build bases and collect and harvest materials, and much more.

Grounded is currently still in early access but will be kept updated until the full game is released.

You can make Grounded even more enjoyable by playing with friends and completing it together. However, there is currently no way to invite your friends into your game as this is in the early access stages.

But as long as you or a friend have hosted and created a game then your friends can manually join you.

This can also be done cross-platform so if you are on your Xbox and your friend is on their PC, then you can still join and play Grounded together.

****Top Tips****
– Make sure you have saved your game before your friends join you and when you quit the game
– If you are joining a game that your friend is hosting you will keep all your inventory as long as the host saves the game
– You can currently have up to four players in a multiplayer game

To play co-op in grounded:

Setting up an online game:

1. Click on Multiplayer > Click on Host online game > Choose new game (it will create a lobby) or continue a previously saved game

2. If you are starting a new game choose your difficulty and a character > Press start game (once in-game your friends will be able to join you)

To manually join your friends game:

1. Select multiplayer > Select join online game (screen will load and you should see the friend that is hosting in the game finder)

2. Press Join game (you should now be playing with your friend in their hosted game)

Troubleshooting if your friend does not show up in the game finder:

1. Press Y on the Xbox to search for your friend or press the relevant key on your PC to search

2. Make sure your friend that is hosting is currently online and if using the PC make sure they are signed in to the Xbox Companion app

3. Makes sure that their Game Bar is enabled on their PC

Check out the video tutorial here on How To Play Co-op in Grounded Cross play if you are getting stuck.

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