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Change Nintendo Switch Screen Size Not Correct On TV

In this post, we will be showing you how you can fix the problem where your Nintendo Switch is not displaying correctly on your TV. Perhaps it’s too small or you are missing bits off the screen on your Switch, even though you have set the TV resolution correct on your switch.

So within the Switches system settings, you can actually adjust the screen size which will allow you to make your Nintendo Switch display better and show correctly on your TV when using the dock.

You will need to have your Nintendo Switch plugged into your dock and the TV connected to do the below steps.

Adjust Nintendo Switch Screen Size On TV:

1. On the Switch console Home Screen Select “System Settings

2. Now go to “TV Output” in the left menu > Select “Adjust Screen Size

3. You will now be able to zoom your TV in or Out (make sure you can see the arrows in the corners of your TV)

4. Once happy select “OK(as you can see we had to set our screen size to 96%)

There you have it you can now enjoy your Nintendo Switch games without some of the display missing in the corners and edges of your TV screen.

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