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Is the Developer Mode missing on your Amazon FireStick? One common issue faced by Amazon FireStick users is the missing Developer Mode option, so in this guide we will be showing you how to enable developer on a FireStick.

If you didn’t know the Developer Mode allows users to sideload applications and access advanced settings on a FireStick. But as you are on this guide means that you cannot find the Developer Mode option within your FireStick settings.

This can be frustrating but luckily there is a reason why you are unable to see the Developer mode as I explain below.

How to fix Amazon FireStick Developer Mode missing

First, you need to go to your FireStick Settings

Now go to My Fire TV then open About

The option Fire TV Stick will now be highlighted Press the Enter button on your control a few times to unlock developer mode on the FireStick.

It will also display a message saying how many more times you need to press enter to unlock. It will also say at the bottom you are already a developer once complete

You can now go back to your FireStick Settings and you will see the Developer setting


So there you have it that’s how you can easily gain access to the developer settings on a FireStick, but just keep in mind that it is crucial to approach modifying Developer Mode settings with caution, as it requires technical knowledge and can lead to breaking your FireStick.

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