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In this guide, we will be taking a look at why your vehicles are not transforming in Lego 2K Drive.

Have you been driving from road to dirt or even dirt to water, but your car is not turning into the vehicle that it should be to drive on that terrain type? If so then don’t panic as there is a simple reason for this!

And no the game has not got a bug or your save data isn’t corrupted. It’s actually to do with a simple setting that has been changed that is causing the issue.

How to fix Lego 2K Drive vehicles not changing

Open the Settings menu

Now select the Gameplay tab

Find the Automatic Transformation setting then toggle it to ON

Now Save and Exit

That’s how you can fix Lego 2K Drive transformation not working. I hope this guide helped you out and you can now use the boats again, race cars, or dirt cars.

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