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Sometimes you just want to play a game and not be disturbed by your friends, asking if they can join your Warzone game, or for you to join their Warzone game. So the best way to stop your friends from pestering you to join their game is to appear offline in Warzone.

So in this guide, I will be showing you how you can appear offline in Warzone, so your friends can no longer ask you to join their game and you don’t have to then awkwardly reject the invite.

Call of Duty: Warzone, developed by Infinity Ward and Raven Software, is a free-to-play battle royale game. It offers intense multiplayer action in a dynamic and ever-evolving environment. It is one of the most popular battle royale games currently available at the time of writing this.

How to appear offline in Warzone

Method 1: Disable Crossplay

Disabling crossplay will limit matchmaking to players on the same platform as you. This can help reduce the chances of your friends seeing your online status. If they are playing on a different device than you.

Open Warzone then go to the Options menu

Now select Account & Network

Find Crossplay and toggle the option to Off

Method 2: Change Online Status

On consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox, you can change your online status to “Appear Offline” in your console settings. Changing this setting will make you appear offline to your friends using the same console as yourself.

So changing your online status to offline will make your friends think you are offline and not playing Warzone.

Method 3: In-game Online Status

Within the game there is a setting that will allow you to change if you are online or offline, it depends on what version of Warzone you are playing will determine if you have the option available.

If you are using the version of Warzone then you should see the option available.

Launch Call of Duty Warzone then open the Social tab in the top right corner

You should now see a status indicator saying you are Online

Change the option to say Appear Offline

Method 4: Activision Account Privacy

You can change your privacy settings within your Activision account. Visit the Activision website and log in to your account to access and adjust your privacy settings.

Sign into your Activision account

Now Select Profile in the top left corner

Choose Privacy & Security then change Sign-on Visible to None

I hope the above guide has helped you appear offline in Warzone so your friends can no longer see that you are online and playing the game, if you liked this guide and found it helpful then I am sure you would like our other gaming guides.

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