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Block ads in mobile games.

In this guide, we will be taking a look at how you can block ads showing in mobile games.

When it comes to gaming on your Mobile phone one thing you have probably noticed to be a common thing is ads showing!

The ads could either be a pop-up, an ad between loading screens of the mobile game, or an ad showing every time you open the mobile game! Either way, they can be pretty annoying when used incorrectly and you are being spammed.

Why do mobile games need ads?

Basically, it can cost a lot of money to develop a mobile game, publish the game and also keep producing new content with updates. So it’s a way for developers to earn money back from their creations.

Another way developers can earn money is by doing in-game purchases allowing players to buy items, cosmetics, boosts, etc anything to help the player progress further or stand out in the game.

So if you want to help support the developer of the game that you are currently playing and enjoying you should keep allowing the ads. But if you still wish to block ads in mobile games then you can find different methods to do so below.

How to block ads in mobile games

Method 1: Aeroplane mode

The first and easiest way to stop adverts from showing in mobile games on your phone is to enable airplane mode on your phone. This will disable all communications on your phone and most importantly internet access, which is normally required to display ads.

You can put your Android or Apple device into flight mode by simply dragging down from the top of your screen and then selecting the airplane icon.

Android quick access menu flight mode button

Method 2: Disable WiFi /Mobile data

Same as above, if you do not have an option for airplane mode or it did not work then the next way to stop ads from showing in games on your mobile is to disable the WiFI and Mobile data.

Without an internet connection, the ads will not be able to display as they are loaded dynamically from the ad server.

Again like flight mode, you can disable your Android or Apple device’s wifi/ mobile data by simply dragging down from the top of your screen and then selecting the wifi icon or the mobile data icon.

Android Wifi icon highlighted

Method 3: Firewall

If none of the above methods helped stop ads from showing then the next thing you could try is installing a Firewall app onto your mobile device. Once installed you can then add the game in question to the disallow a network connection list.

There are many firewall apps available so read through the reviews and decide which one you like the sound of and which looks the easiest to use!

Just be warned that some firewall apps may require you to root your mobile, so it’s up to you if you decide to do this. But if you do it wrong you could break your phone, so be very careful if you do this.

I would recommend you just install a Firewall app to your mobile device that does not require your device to be rooted.


That brings me to the end of this guide and I hope one of the above methods has helped you stop the ads from showing within the game that you are currently playing on your phone. Enjoy!

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