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CyberPanel not creating website.

Are you trying to create a website within Cyberpanel and not having any luck as CyberPanel is staying on the create website screen? There is a simple way of resolving this problem as I explain below.

When you want to add more websites to CyberPanel you need to “Create a website”. You can then fill out the relevant information to do this such as package, owner, domain name, email, php version, and other features.

Once you have created the website you will then be able to add your website such as WordPress, etc. However, sometimes the panel gets stuck on the screen that says “Starting creation” and no matter how long you wait it will still be stuck loading!

Cyberpanel stuck on create website screen.

How to fix CyberPanel not creating a website

So how do you fix the problem? Well, the main reason you are not able to create a website within CyberPane is that you have not added a domain. And it can be as simple as that!

So you will need to enter a domain for the website that you are trying to create. Otherwise, you will keep getting stuck on the creation screen.

So as you can see in the image below I am creating a website and I have entered a domain name and also toggled Test Domain to Off

CyberPanel entering domain name.

That’s it! Your website has been created and no longer gets stuck when creating it.

Don’t worry you do not need to point your DNS records to CyberPanel straight away. And you can still get the website up and running and ensure everything is working correctly first by clicking on the preview button.


I hope the above guide has helped resolve the issue you were having with not being able to create a website and it getting stuck while creating in Cyberpanel. Now you will be able to manage and organize your domain and its settings in the panel.

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