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Are you having problems with CyberPanel not installing or setting up an SSL certificate on your website? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right guide, as I will be showing you what you can do to fix CyberPanel SSL not working.

As you are probably already aware it’s important to have a working SSL certificate on your website, as it will encrypt the data transmitted between your visitor’s web browser and CyberPanel.

An SSL certificate on your website will also display a padlock icon and show https:// in the browser’s address bar, which is also an SEO benefit.

If you are not wanting to install an SSL for those reasons then without one modern web browsers will also display warnings for having a non-secure site without an SSL certificate being installed, so it’s a good thing to have one.

So what can you do to fix SSL not working in CyberPanel, well there are a few things that you can do to fix this issue as I explain below.

How to fix CyberPanel SSL not working

Update CyberPanel

The first and easiest thing to do is make sure CyberPanel is up to date and running the latest version.

You can either check if CyberPanel is up to date through the panel itself, or use an SSH command which can be found here to update the panel.

Within CyberPanel select Version Management to see if there is a new version like the image below.

Domain settings

Make sure the domain that you are trying to apply the SSL to does not already have a certificate hosted on a different server.

So what I mean by this is if you have just transferred the site to CyberPanel and you are trying to apply the SSL to it then it might be detecting that either the DNS records have not yet changed to the new IP, and also it currently has an SSL with the old host.

So make sure the DNS records have been updated and the site is no longer hosted with the previous host, and everything has been switched over to CyberPanel.

Install Let’s Encrypt

If the issue is not related to the above then the next thing to do is issue an SSL to your website using the Let’s Encrypt which is a free SSL provider.

This can be done easily on any of your websites hosted through CyberPanel on the dashboard.

Select List websites you will then see the option to Issue SSL under the website

Manually add SSL

If you are trying to manually add the SSL to a website in CyberPanel but it is not working then make sure you have copied the correct text for the SSL.

Make sure all the text that you have copied is being pasted in, and you are pasting it into the correct column as you have two columns to Paste your cert & paste your key in to.

Manage the website then select ADD SSL and paste in the correct text for the SSL you want to install


As you can see there are a few reasons why an SSL certificate would stop working, or not install to a site in CyberPanel. I hope the above guide has been helpful and has fixed the SSL not working in CyberPanel on the website you were trying to install it onto.

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