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AMD FreeSync improve game lag.

In this guide, we will be taking a look at how you can enable AMD FreeSync in Windows. AMD FreeSync can help stop screen tearing and give low latency, helping improve the way Windows and your games look and feel. So enabling FreeSync is a must if you have an AMD graphics card and your monitor supports it.

AMD FreeSync is an option that can be turned on within the AMD Software: Adrenaline Edition control panel. And once enabled you should notice a difference in the feel and look of your display.

There are three different types of Free Sync and these are:

  • AMD FreeSync
  • AMD FreeSync Premium
  • AMD FreeSync Premium Pro

So depending on what monitor you have will depend on what will be enabled. And of course, Premium Pro offers more features.

AMD FreeSync Requirements

There are requirements to be able to enable AMD FreeSync in Windows, if you don’t meet these requirements then the AMD FreeSync option will be missing. I have listed the requirements below:

  • Graphics: Supported AMD Radeon or AMD A-Series APU
  • Driver: Latest driver installed
  • Monitor: FreeSync compatible monitor connected via DisplayPort v1.2 or higher

As you know FreeSync is a great way to enhance your gameplay experience by helping remove screen tearing and giving low latency. So when you buy a new monitor ensure it has AMD FreeSync support otherwise the FreeSync option will be missing in the control panel.

How To Enable FreeSync on Windows PC

Below are the steps for enabling AMD FreeSync on Windows 10 or 11.

1. First, go down to your System Tray and right-click on the AMD icon

2. Now click onto AMD Software: Adrenaline Edition

AMD Software: Adrenaline Edition icon in the Windows system tray showing its context menu.

3. Once open click the Settings cog in the corner

AMD Software: Adrenaline Edition showing Settings cog icon.

4. Now select the Display tab

AMD Software: Adrenaline Edition showing the Display tab in Settings.

5. You will now see the option to enable AMD FreeSync so toggle this to Enabled

AMD Software: Adrenaline Edition showing the AMD FreeSync Setting.

6. AMD free sync will now be turned on for your monitor

We hope the above guide helped you turn on AMD FreeSync on your Windows computer, and it helped reduce screen tearing in your games and made them feel smoother.

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