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Fall Guys wrong buttons.

I have recently started playing Fall Guys again and I forgot how addictive it is! However, I noticed when playing the game on my Xbox Series X that the wrong button icons are showing. For example in the menus, it tells you to press the (L) stick to select items. And it appears to be the same when you try to join a game or leave a round.

I can pretty much remember that you need to press A to select things or start a round, or press B to go back for example. But if you are like me and haven’t played the Fall Guys game for ages so have forgotten the controls, or you are new to the game, then having the wrong controls displayed is really frustrating. You will be pushing in that left joystick and wondering why nothing is happening!

Fall Guys Exit show window showing wrong button prompts on Xbox.

Why is Fall Guys showing the wrong button prompts?

Fall Guys is a hugely popular multiplayer video game that captured the hearts of many players around the world! Playing with a jellybean character, you have to navigate through a series of chaotic but fun obstacle courses.

So it’s really annoying when you are navigating the menus, collecting XP at the end of a round, or trying to leave a game, and you do not know what buttons to press as it’s showing the wrong prompts.

Well, what could be causing this? It could just be a simple glitch and you need to just restart the game, it may be that you need to update the game to the latest version as the latest patch will have a fix for the issue. Or it may be to do with your controller settings.

How to fix Fall Guys showing L stick for button icons

Other players have also reported this issue. But whatever the cause of this glitch it’s just annoying. So let’s take a look at how to fix it on your Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One.

Fix 1: Restart your console:

Begin by restarting your Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S console. Sometimes, a simple restart of your console can fix bugs, and glitches, and give your system a good refresh.

Fix 2: Update Fall Guys

Ensure that you have the latest version of Fall Guys installed on your Xbox as the Devs often release patches to fix address bugs and improve compatibility issues.

Xbox One:

Go to My games and apps from the home dashboard > See all

Now look for Updates and find Fall Guys

Xbox One select Updates in My games and apps

Xbox Series X|S:

Go to “My games and apps“ and then go to Manage

Then click on Updates

Xbox Series X check for game updates in Manage settings

Fix 3: Update the Wireless controller

Check to see if your Xbox controller has an update as this could fix any issues you are having.

Open the Xbox settings and open Xbox Accessories and select your Wireless Controller

Make sure your controller is properly connected and recognized by the console and then click on the 3 dots > Open the controller settings and select Update now

Xbox eries x controller settings update now to update wireless controller.

4. Check controller bindings

In the Fall Guys game settings, make sure that you haven’t accidentally changed the controller bindings.

Open the settings menu by pressing the options button on your controller

Go to Controller settings and check the bindings are not all set as the L stick and that you are happy with them all (you can always try resetting them to default just in case)

5. Delete saved data

If your saved data has become corrupted then this can cause a lot of issues with games and could be the cause of your button glitch.

Go to the Fall Guys game icon on your home screen and press the Menu button on your controller > Select “Manage game and add-ons

⁠Go to Saved data and choose your profile and select Delete from console

Xbox One saved data setting.

5. Clear cache

Clearing the cache on your Xbox can help to remove temporary files and corrupted files.

Power off your console completely, and then unplug it from the power source.

Wait for about 60 seconds. Then, plug it back in and power it on.

6. Reinstall Fall Guys:

If the button issue still happens, you could try uninstalling and reinstalling Fall Guys on your Xbox to make you have a fresh installation without any conflicts or underlying issues.


So hopefully you have now fixed Fall Guys showing the wrong icons in the game on your Xbox One or Xbox Serises X|S. And you will then be able to press the correct buttons/controls when navigating the menus.

If you still have the issue then it may be worth visiting the official Fall Guys website or online forums to see if other players are experiencing similar problems. Or you could contact the Fall Guys’ customer support or submit a bug report.

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