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If you are having problems with your pals not cutting trees in PalWorld don’t panic just yet as we have some fixes for you to try.

Within PalWorld you can have your pals help perform tasks around your base, etc. It’s really handy having your pals perform certain tasks as it saves a lot of time.

But when your pals are not doing the tasks they should be like cutting trees this can become very annoying, So let’s take a look at what you can do to fix this.

How To Fix PalWorld Pals Not Cutting Trees

Try all the methods below until one fixes the problem.

Close Game

Yes, that’s correct just close down the game completely then open it again. This can resolve many bugs and glitches within PalWorld.


Try teleporting to a different area within the map then teleport back to the area where your pal is not performing the tree-cutting task.

Assigned To Base

If your pal is supposed to cut some trees within your base make sure you have assigned them to the base. If you have not then they will not perform the task.

Wait for update

If the above methods have not helped then you might need to wait for the developers to release an update that resolves the problem.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed reading the above guide and it helped you get your pals back to chopping down trees within your PalWorld.

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