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In this guide, we will be taking a look at how to fix the web browser PlayStation doesn’t work error. It can be very annoying when you are not able to use the browser on your console.

So if you are trying to use the PS4 web browser but either getting an error message or it’s just blank and simply not doing anything then this guide will help.

There are several steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve the issue, so you can get back to browsing on your PlayStation 4 web browser again in no time.

How To Fix PS4 Browser Not Working

Below are the different methods you can use to resolve the web browser not working as it should be on the PS4.

Check your internet connection:

Make sure your PS4 is connected to the internet. You can test the connection in the settings menu.

Restart the PS4:

Sometimes, simply restarting your console can resolve various issues such as the browser not working on your PS4 and the best thing it’s easy to do.

Update the system software:

Ensure that your PS4’s system software is up to date. You can check for updates in the Settings menu.

Clear browsing data:

If the browser is not working properly, it might help to clear your browsing data. In the browser, go to Settings > Privacy Settings > Clear Browsing Data.

This will remove all data from your PS4 browser giving it a fresh start.

Reset browser settings:

You can also try resetting the browser settings. In the browser, go to Settings > Initialize Browser > Reset Browser.

This is going to remove all settings and browser data on your PS4 web browser.

Check for website compatibility:

Some websites may not be fully compatible with the PS4 browser. Ensure that the websites you are trying to access are designed to work with the PS4 browser.

There are many websites on the internet and they are all made differently and sometimes they might require certain features to run correctly.

Rebuild the database:

In some cases, rebuilding the PS4 database can help resolve various issues. To do this, start your PS4 in Safe Mode and choose the “Rebuild Database” option.

Factory reset (last resort):

If none of the above steps resolve the issue, you might consider a factory reset. However, be aware that this will delete all data on your PS4, including games, saves, and settings. Make sure to back up your important data before proceeding.

Final Thoughts

So as you can see there are a few things that can be done to fix the browser not working on a PS4, I hope one of the above troubleshooting methods has helped resolve the issue that you were having and you are now able to use the internet and surf the web again.

If the problem persists after trying these steps, it may be a more complex issue, and you may need to contact Sony support for further assistance.

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