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In this guide, we will be taking a look at what you can do if you are getting a black screen or even a blank screen when trying to use your Steam Deck.

The black screen might be happening when trying to turn on your Steam Deck, or when launching a game.

Experiencing a black screen issue on the Steam Deck can be frustrating, but luckily there are things you can do that should resolve the problem.

I have listed different troubleshooting methods below that you can use.

What causes Steam Deck black screen?

There can be several causes for a black screen issue on the Steam Deck. One possibility is you need to just put your Deck on charge and leave it for a few hours, as the battery is completely drained.

Another factor could be a hardware problem and you would need to contact support, or it could even just be that the game or applications may have compatibility issues with the Steam Deck, causing the screen to go black during gameplay.

So use the below methods to Troubleshoot and fix the cause of the black screen.

How to fix Steam Deck black screen issues

Fix 1: Steam Deck charged and on

Firstly, ensure that the Steam Deck is charged and turned on

So go ahead and plug the cable into your Steam Deck and charge it, ensure that it is defiantly charging.

Fix 2: Restart the device

A simple restart might help, resolve the no display issue you are getting on your Deck.

Press and hold the power button to turn off the device

Leave it for a 30seconds

Now power it back on

Fix 3: Steam Deck brightness

Try adjusting the brightness settings by pressing the dedicated brightness buttons or checking the system settings.

Open up the Settings

Now find Display then change the slider for Brightness

Fix 4: External display

Try connecting the Steam Deck to an external display or monitor using the USB-C port to determine if the problem lies with the built-in display.

If you are able to see a display output when your Steam Deck is connected to a display, then you will need to either reach out to Steam support or you could try doing a full factory reset.

Fix 5: Check for updates

Updating the Steam Deck’s firmware and graphics drivers to the latest versions is also advisable.

Open Settings

Now go down to System and select it

You will see a Check For Updates button select it

If there is an update available then select Apply and restart your Steam Deck

Fix 6: Contact support

If none of these steps resolve the black screen issue, then you might need to contact Steam support for further assistance you could always check out the Steam support forum and see if anyone is experiencing the same issue as you.

Final thoughts

There you have at encountering a black screen issue on the Steam Deck can be annoying, but at least there are things you can do to resolve the problem. While the cause of the black screen could be caused by many different things, it’s normally related to something straight forward.

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