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MultiVersus on switch?

MultiVersus allows us to battle using some of our favourite characters and so far it’s been a blast on all platforms. But one we would like to see the game available on is the Nintendo Switch. So the reason you are here is that you would like to know if you can download MultiVersus on Nintendo Switch. Currently, MutliVersus is only available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC but this does not mean that MultiVersus won’t be available for Nintendo Switch at a later date.

Is MultiVersus on the Switch?

At the time of writing this, unfortunately, MutliVersus is not available on the Nintendo Switch console which is a real shame! But seeing how successful the game has been we would be surprised if it does not make its way on the platform in the near future.

In-game screenshot of MultiVersus.

When will MultiVersus come to Switch?

Currently, there is no news about MutliVersus being on the Switch. But as we said above, this does not mean it will not happen. As with other games we have seen come on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC first, then they eventually make their way to Nintendo at a later date. So let’s keep those fingers crossed.

We know the above probably was not the answer you were looking for as it would be nice to be able to play MultiVersus on a portable platform.

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