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Ark local host cheats

In this guide, we will be taking a look at how you can enable cheats within ARK on a local hosted server. If you are trying to turn on cheats for either yourself or friends that have joined your hosted/shared server but they are not able to use cheats, then don’t worry just yet. There is a good reason for this and it’s easy enough to activate cheats for other players on your local server in ARK on PC.

ARK Survival has been out for a very long time now. In fact, it was released back in 2017 and we still remember landing on the beach and trying to avoid the dinosaurs. Then gathering enough resources to protect ourselves from being eaten, as well as trying to build a base camp! Creating a non-dedicated local server so your friends can join and help just made ARK even more interesting. But one thing that can make life easier when playing ARK is using cheats, so below we have listed the steps on how you can turn on cheats for other players in your local server in ARK Survival on PC.

How to enable cheats for other players in ARK non-dedicated server

Below are the steps for turning on cheats for the players that have joined your local hosted server and the steps for the admin to use cheats in ARK.

Local host players

Enabling cheats for other players in ARK is fairly straightforward on PC. First, you need to just invite other players into your server and once the other players are within your server they need to do the following:

  • Press TAB on the keyboard
  • Now type enablecheats PASSWORD (Where we have put the password you need to enter your server password if you have added one)
  • There you go that’s how you enable cheats in ARK on a local host for a player
Typing enablecheats into Ark admin console
  • The player can now type any cheat in by pressing the TAB key and they will need to use admincheat then type the cheat for example: admincheat infiniteweight
Ark admin console typing in admincheat followed by the cheat code

Local host admin

As for the local host admin, you do not need to add admincheat at the beginning you can just type the cheat as shown in the below screenshot.

typing in infiniteweight cheat code as an admin in Ark

We hope the above guide has helped you enable cheats for other players in your local hosted server in ARK Survival.

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