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Experiencing crashes or endless loading screens while playing Legendary Tales on your PS5 can be a significant annoyance.

This guide is designed to help you overcome crashing, freezing, and prolonged loading times in Legendary Tales.

Reasons Behind Legendary Tales Freezing or Not Loading on PS5

These issues may stem from the game itself, possibly resolved through a new update, or they could be due to corrupted files or saved data on your PlayStation 5.

Solutions for Crashing and Loading Screen Issues in Legendary Tales on PS5

To tackle Legendary Tales crashing on your PS5, follow these steps:

1: Restart Your PS5

A straightforward fix for crashes is to restart your PlayStation console.

A quick reboot often fixes loading and crashing problems. Restart, then attempt to launch the game.

2: Update Legendary Tales

Ensure the game is up-to-date. Developers regularly release patches for bugs and crashes. To update Legendary Tales:

  • Find the game icon on your PS home screen.
  • Press the Options button on your controller.
  • Choose “Check for Update” and install any new updates.
PS5 game icon menu to check for updates

3: Update Your PS5 System Software

Keeping your PS5 updated can solve issues and add new features.

  • Go to Settings, and select System.
  • Navigate to System Software, select System Software Update and Settings.
  • Click “Update System Software” to search for new updates.
PS5 selecting System Software and Update settings

4: Use a Different User Profile

Try playing the game under a different PS5 user profile. If it runs smoothly on another profile, the problem might lie with your main profile’s settings.

5: Clear PS5 Cache

Clearing your PlayStation’s cache can fix various problems without deleting saved data or games.

  • Turn off your PS5, then start it in Safe Mode (hold the power button until the second beep).
  • Choose “Clear Cache and Rebuild Database,” then “Clear System Software Cache.”
PS5 safe mode selecting clear system software cache

6: Rebuild Database

A faulty database can cause crashes. Rebuilding it might resolve these issues and improve your console’s performance:

  • Power off your PS5.
  • Enter Safe Mode (second beep).
  • Choose “Clear Cache and Rebuild Database,” then “Rebuild Database.”
Select Rebuild Database from PS5 Safe Mode menu

7: Delete Legendary Tales Saved Data

Corrupt saved data might be why Legendary Tales crashes or freezes. To delete saved data:

  • Go to Settings > Saved Data and Game/App Settings > Console Storage.
  • Select the game and delete its saved data (Caution: This is irreversible).

8: Reinstall Legendary Tales

If the problem persists, reinstalling Legendary Tales might help. Consider installing it on the internal drive if it was previously on an external one. To delete and reinstall:

  • Find the game on the Home Screen, press Options on your controller, choose “Delete Game,” and confirm.


Following these steps should enhance your experience with Legendary Tales, minimizing or eliminating freezing, crashing, and loading delays on your PS5.

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