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A question that is asked a lot for many PC games is where are the save files located? So in this guide, we will be taking a look at where you can find the save file location for Lego 2K Drive.

There have been a few problems with Lego 2K Drive save files being overwritten, not saving properly, or losing data. So to protect yourself from this happening you can go to the save location for Lego 2K Drive and make a backup, or you can use the file to transfer the save to another computer.

But to be able to do this you first need to know where the save folder is for Lego 2K Drive which I show below, so keep reading.

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Where is the Lego 2K Drive Save File Location?

First, you need to open up File Explorer on your Windows computer

Now go to your Documents folder

You will see a My Games folder you need to open this folder

Now open the Artemis folder and then Saved folder

You will see SaveGames folder and this will contain your saved data for Lego 2K Drive

The path in File Explorer should look like this: Documents\My Games\Artemis\Saved\SaveGames

I hope the above guide has helped you find the saved data for Lego 2K Drive on your Windows computer, if you do make changes to your saved data make a backup first in case something goes wrong so you can then restore it.

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