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Having issues with your PS4 not connecting to the PlayStation Network? If yes then you have come to the correct guide. The PlayStation 4 (PS4) has been around for many years now, offering an immersive gaming experience to millions of players worldwide for many years now. However, just like any other technology, it’s not immune to connectivity issues.

One of the most frustrating problems users encounter is the inability to connect to the PlayStation Network (PSN), this will stop you from being able to play your games online, download games, etc basically do anything online.

In this guide, we will take a look at some common causes behind why your PS4 won’t connect to the internet or Playstation network.

Below I have provided step-by-step methods to help you get back online.

Common error messages when you can’t connect to PlayStation Network

You might have encountered error messages such as “PS4 cannot connect to server,” “PS4 won’t connect to the internet,” “PS4 internet connection failed,” “PS4 not connecting to the internet.” and many other error messages.

These messages usually indicate issues with connecting to the PlayStation Network servers or a problem with your console’s internet connectivity.

Why Can’t I connect to PSN?

There can be many reasons why you are not able to connect to the PlayStation Network. It could be due to home network problems like weak Wi-Fi, incorrect settings, or temporary outages are at fault.

Sometimes, the PSN itself experiences downtime or technical issues stopping you from being able to connect. Incorrect DNS settings can also disrupt communication with PSN servers, while overly strict router firewalls or security features might block the PS4’s internet access and of course, many other things can cause the issue.

How to fix PS4 can’t connect to PlayStation Network

Below are the troubleshooting methods and Steps you can use that should fix your PS4 not connecting to the PlayStation network.

  1. Check Network Connection: Verify that your internet connection is stable. If you’re using Wi-Fi, ensure your PS4 is within range of the router and not the other side of a solid wall, or consider using a wired Ethernet connection for better stability and of course better performance as it will be faster.
  2. Restart Router and Console: Power cycle your router by unplugging it for about 10 seconds and then plugging it back in, just keep in mind that it will also kick everyone within your household off the internet. Also fully power down your PlayStation 4, wait a few seconds, and turn it back on this will give it a good refresh and helps resolve many connection issues.
  3. Test Other Devices: If other devices are connected to the same network that you PS4 is connected to, then see if they can access the internet and it’s not having issues. This will help determine if the issue is your PS4.
  4. Check PSN Status: Visit the PlayStation Network Service Status page online here to see if there are any problems with the PSN servers. If the servers are down, you’ll have to wait until they’re back online and this would explain why you are unable to connect to the PSN services on your PS4.
  5. Connect Direct To Router: If you are using adapters or have a switch/hub between your PS4 and main ISP router, then plug directly into your ISP router in case it’s an issue with one of the network hardware that you are using.

Final thoughts

Issues with connecting to the PlayStation Network can be frustrating, but they are often resolvable. By following the troubleshooting methods in this article, you can diagnose and fix the problem causing your PS4 to not connect to the internet or the PSN servers. If problems persist then you might need to reach out to Sony’s customer support for further assistance.

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