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Best Roblox Survival Games

Roblox has many different games and experiences available. You can find a game for pretty much anything, like funny Roblox games or if you are into something a lot more intense then there are also scary Roblox games.

So seeing as you are currently reading this article means that you are interested in knowing what survival games are available, so below I have put together a list of what I feel are the best survival games for Roblox.

Roblox Best Survival Games

1. The Survival Game

The Survival Game places you in a medieval world where you are faced with difficulties such as trying to find food, build a shelter and of course, defend yourself against other players that are out to defeat you or you can also try and team up with other players and build the perfect kingdom.

So if you are into gathering resources, crafting, and building a kingdom. Then you will want to check out The Survival Game here on the Roblox store.

2. Natural Disaster Survival

Natural disasters are a terrible thing but somehow within Roblox, the developers of Natural Disaster Survival have managed to turn disasters into a fun Roblox survival game. You will face against different types of disasters such as volcanoes, acid rain, earthquakes, fires, etc pretty much anything you can think of.

So if you want to see how long you could last within a natural disaster in Roblox, then you can check out Natural Disaster Survival here.

3. Apocalypse Rising 2

Have you ever wondered how long you would last against zombies? Well in this game you have to do just that, it’s an open world survival shooter where you have to fight off hordes of infected and other players. There are many different vehicles you can also use to explore the open world such as cars, trucks, boats, etc

So if you are interested in trying to survive in an open apocalyptic world then check out Apocalypse Rising 2 here.

4. Epic Minigames

If you enjoy minigames in Super Mario Party then you are going to enjoy Epic Minigames in Roblox, where there are 124 exciting games. You have one challenge and that’s to survive and make it to the end of each game against all the other players.

So if you want to battle it out in 124 games in Roblox and see how long you can survive then check out Epic Minigames here.

5. Sharkbite 2 Cruise

Have you watched Jaws or any other shark movie that has a boat and they try and survive. Well, Sharkbite 2 does just that you get to adventure the ocean which is infested with sharks and you have to try and survive. You can also earn and use shark teeth to upgrade your boat, and weapons.

So if you fancy seeing how long you can last in the ocean with sharks then check out Sharkbite 2 Cruise here.

Final Thoughts

There are many different Roblox genres available and we only took a look at ones where you have to try and survive, at times survival games can be challenging and stressful but overall they are very fun. I hope you liked the list I put together and have found a new fun survival game that you have not played before.

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