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Players Not Joining In Fortnite Trios

Other Players Not Able To Join Fortnite Trios

In this post, we will be taking a look at Fortnite and why no one is able to join your trio.

If you are trying to join into a Trios game of Fortnite and wanting the game to find you other players to join with, then you may find you keep ending up playing a Trios match on your own in Fortnite. There is a reason behind this and it’s because there is a Fill and Don’t fill option. Below we have listed the steps showing you how to change this.

Fortnite Trios No Players Joining Me:

1 First, you need to launch Fortnite and go to the Play screen

2. Now you need to change your party from “DONT FILL” to “FILL” > Depending on what device you are using depends on what you need to do:

  • PC – Click the “DONT FILL” button to change it to “FILL
  • PlayStation – Press the up arrow to change it to “FILL
  • Xbox – Press the up arrow to change it to “FILL
Ensuring Fill is enabled in Fortnite Trios

That’s how you change the setting for allowing other players to join your Fortnite Trio. At least it was an easy fix!

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