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Fresh Install To Fix Issues!

This Windows 10 tutorial will show you how to reset Windows 10 back to a new install on your PC or laptop.

If you are having a lot of problems with your Windows 10 system then sometimes there is no other choice but to just reset Windows 10 to a new fresh copy.

****Top Tip****
Remember before doing this it is very important to back up any files that you would like to keep to a portable drive because once you reset Windows 10 you may not be able to get those files back as this will be performing a fresh install of Windows 10

To Reset Windows 10:

1. Right-click on the Windows 10 Start icon (Logo in bottom left-hand corner) > Settings > Update & Security

2. Select Recovery tab (left-hand side menu) > Under “Reset this PC” click ‘Get Started’

3. You can now choose between two options; “Keep my files” or “Remove everything” (just remember if you remove everything you will not be able to recover the deleted files again)

4. You can now choose ‘change settings’ which is under “additional settings” if you would like to check any other settings > Click next

5. Once you are happy click reset (This will reset Windows 10 – Your system will restart a few times during the reset process)

6. Once the reset has finished you will then have to go through some steps to go through personalising Windows 10 to how you would like it

Check out this video tutorial here on How To Reset Windows 10 On Your PC Or Laptop, if you are getting stuck:

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