Best Windows 10 Disk Cleaners Of 2021

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Best Windows 10 Cleaner 2021

There are hundreds of disk cleaners to choose from on the internet and they all have the same goal.

That goal is to clean as many unneeded temporary files from Windows 10 on your PC or laptop.

By using a Windows 10 cleaner, this will allow you to easily free up disk space giving you more space to install your programs, games, or store photos.

These cleaners will remove unneeded temporary files from Windows 10 to free up space on your computer, and they can also help restore the performance of Windows 10. This will help to make Windows 10 run faster.

****Top Tip****
Just be careful when deleting the files as this is normally unreversible

  1. Ccleaner
  2. Wise Disk Cleaner
  3. System Ninja
  4. atomiccleaner3
  5. Windows Disk Clean-Up

1. CCleaner Free

CCleaner is probably one of the most popular cleaning programs for Windows 10 and is used by thousands. It has a very basic interface, which to be honest is not a bad thing as it makes it very easy to use. CCleaner has a fair few features you can use with the free version. Not only can it clean your junk files it can also clean your registry.


  • Privacy protection
  • Standard Windows Cleaning
  • Cleans The Registry

2. Wise Disk Cleaner Free

Wise Disk Cleaner is another example of a great program for cleaning up temporary junk files from your Windows 10 PC or Laptop. The design and layout of the program we actually like, and it’s very easy to navigate but yet it has a nice look. It offers a lot of the features that you would expect to see from a cleaning program allowing you to clean your web browsers, junk files, and unneeded temporary files and you can also defragment your disk.


  • Cleans Web Browser Internet History and Temporary files on Your Computer.
  • Defrags Your Hard Drive.
  • Automatic Scheduled Disk Cleaning.

3. System Ninja Free

System Ninja is very lightweight but yet still just as effective as other Windows 10 disk cleaners. Just like the other cleaners, it allows you to remove junk files but it also has other features built into the cleaner allowing you to disable start-up programs and uninstall programs.


  • Clean Major Web Browsers
  • Built-In Start Up Manager
  • Uninstall Programs

4. atomiccleaner3 Free

atomiccleaner3 is also another example of a great disk cleaning program for Windows 10. It has similar options to the other disk cleaners but it also allows you to clean not only the junk files and rubbish from your system but also gives you the option to remove the temporary files from games.


  • Complete Full Clean
  • Gaming Clean Up
  • Advanced Cleaning Options

5. Windows 10 Disk Clean-Up

The built-in disk cleaner in Windows 10 is very good however, it does lack some of the options that the above disk cleaners have. But if you don’t want to install a third-party cleaner to your PC or Laptop then disk clean-up is still very good at the job that needs doing.


  • Comes Preinstalled With Windows
  • Cleans Most Common Areas In Windows 10
  • Easy To Use

The above disk cleaners are what we feel are the top 5 best Windows 10 disk cleaners. If you use a disk cleaner that we did not mention above and you feel it should have made the list then comment below and let us know.

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