How To Format A Hard Drive In Windows 10 Using Disk Management

Format HDD In Windows 10 Disk Management

In this Windows 10 post, we will be taking a look at how you can format your hard drive using Disk Management.

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Disk Management is a tool that comes preinstalled with Windows 10 and it offers so many features for your hard drives.

Formatting your hard drive is a very quick and easy way of clearing everything. Because it will wipe everything off your hard drive and you will not be able to recover the data back with ease or ever be able to recover the data, you need to ensure you have taken everything you want to keep off your hard drive before running a format.

****Top Tip****
Back everything up that you want to keep on your hard drive before running a format!

Windows 10 Disk Management Formatting A Hard Drive:

1. Open the start menu and search “Disk Management” now open “Create and format hard disk partitions”

2. Find the hard drive that you want to format and right-click it

3. Now click “Format…

4. You will now have a few different settings to choose from: Volume label, File system, Allocation unit size, and if you would like to “Perform a Quick format” (If you would like a more secure format then deselect this option)

5. Once happy click the “OK” button

6. You will now get a window pop up saying “Formatting this volume will erase all data on it. Back up any data you want to keep before formatting. Do you want to continue?” > If you are happy click “OK

7. Once finished you will notice that the hard disk will say Free Space 100%

There you have it that’s how you can easily format a hard drive using Disk Management. Did you know you can also format a hard drive within File Explorer? Check out this post to see how.

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