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Deleting Outbound Rules In Windows 10 Defender Firewall

In this Windows 10 post, we will be taking a look at how you can delete an outbound firewall rule that has been set within your Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security.

The rule could be set to either block or allow a game, program, Port, or a custom rule. Whatever the reason for the firewall rule below we have listed the steps for deleting it.

But did you know instead of deleting the firewall rule you could always disable the outbound rule, so if you wanted to enable it again at a later date you can?

Removing A Outbound Rule In Windows Defender Firewall:

1. Open the Windows 10 start menu and search “Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security” and open it

2. Once open click “Outbound Rules” in the left menu

3. Now find the rule that you would like to delete and right-click it > Now click “Delete

4. You will now get a window saying “Are you sure you want to delete these rules?” > Click the “Yes” button

There you have it that’s how you can remove an outbound rule within the Windows Defender Firewall. If you want to remove an inbound rule then it’s the same steps as above but you just need to click on the inbound rules instead.

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