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Best Free Antivirus Program 2021

Keep your Windows 10 system safe and secure from security threats like viruses, malware, spyware, and other nasty threats.

There are a lot of free antivirus programs you can choose from so check out the list below, where we have put together in our opinion the top 5 best antivirus programs of 2021.

A lot of the antivirus programs below will also offer a paid version which will offer extra features, allowing you to keep your system even more secure. But this does not mean that the free versions are not just as good. The best way to keep your Windows 10 system safe is to just be careful on what websites you visit, what files you download, and don`t open emails that look suspicious.

1. Avast Antivirus Free
2. Kaspersky Antivirus Free
3. Microsoft Defender Free
4. Avira Antivirus Free
5. AVG Antivirus Free

1. Avast Antivirus Free

Avast free antivirus is a very good antivirus program. It’s very easy to install and get started within a couple of clicks so not much effort is needed. Avast free antivirus will protect your Windows 10 system in real time, but will also not disturb you while you are trying to watch movies or play games.


  • Realtime Protection
  • Do Not Disturb Mode
  • Easy to use interface

2. Kaspersky Security Cloud Free

Kaspersky Security Cloud Free almost made it into our first position, as overall it is a fantastic free antivirus program. However, we just felt there is room for improvement but this does not mean that it will not protect you from all those viruses because this is exactly what it will do. It will also alert you of suspicious websites and programs it deems as dangerous.


  • Stay Protected From Viruses
  • Be alerted of Suspicous Websites
  • Get Warned of Dangerous Programs

3. Microsoft Defender Free

Microsoft Defender comes free with Windows 10 and it really is a fantastic virus and threat protection for your PC or laptop. Plus you don’t need to download any third-party antivirus. It offers a lot of the features a paid version antivirus program would offer. The only downside is that it can be a little overwhelming trying to navigate your way around the security settings, which other antivirus programs make a lot easier.


  • Comes Installed With Windows 10
  • Protects You From Lots Of Threats
  • Free Automatic Updates

4. Avira Free Security

Avira Free Security gets left out a lot but we actually really like the security program and recommend you give it a try. If you have tried the above and want something different, unlike other security software it’s lightweight and the interface is very basic and easy to use. It comes with all the stuff you need to help keep your system safe and secure.


  • Easy To Use Interface
  • Offers Easy To Use Smart Scan
  • Lightweight

5. AVG Antivirus Free

AVG Antivirus Free is a great antivirus program and helps keep your system safe from those nasty online threats. However, we find it can be not as lightweight as some of the other antivirus programs but it’s still very clear and straightforward to use.


  • Keeps you safe from many online threats
  • Easy interface to navigate around
  • Blocks unsafe links

There you have it that is what we feel are 5 great fantastic free antivirus programs that you can install right now to your Windows 10 PC or Laptop. Having an antivirus program is extremely important to keep your system protected from online nasty threats, as the last thing you want is a virus that could cause all sorts of damage to your computer.

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