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More Space For More Xbox Games!

This Xbox tutorial will show you how to move your Xbox One games to an external storage device.

With today’s games getting extremely large and requiring more disk space, it doesn’t take long to fill your Xbox One’s internal storage.

Lucky for us you can actually copy or move your games to an external storage device giving you more additional storage space.

This is great news at it means you can have a lot more games installed and ready to play on your Xbox One instead of having to make the hard decision of which game to uninstall each time you want to install another.

****Top Tip****
Only move one game at a time, that way if anything goes wrong it will only be with the one game

To move an Xbox One game to an external hard drive:

1. Plug your external drive into the USB port of your Xbox One

2. On your Xbox One home screen select ‘My games & apps’ > Press the menu button on your controller (3 lines) on the selected game you would like to copy or move > Manage game > Select your external storage > select ‘move or copy’ (now your Xbox One will begin to move your game to your external drive)

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