How To View How Much Internet Data Your PC Or Laptop Has Used In Windows 10

Keep On Top Of Data Usage!

This Windows 10 tutorial will show you how to view how much internet data your PC or laptop has used.

Have you ever wondered just how much data your PC or Laptop has used in the past 30 days? Luckily there is a built-in setting within Windows 10 to do this, so there is no need to install any third-party software to view the amount of data your system has used.

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****Top Tip****
You can enter a data limit under Data Usage

To view the amount of data your system has used:

1. Right-click on the Windows 10 start menu icon (Logo in the bottom left-hand corner) > Settings > Network & Internet

2. Under ‘Network Status’ it will tell you the amount of data the system has used

3. If you would like to see more information regarding which programs are using the most data then click on “Data Usage” and you will see a list of all the software that is using data on your PC or Laptop.

Check out the video here on How To How Much Internet Data You Have Used In Windows 10, if you are getting stuck.

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