How To Host A Private Game In Call Of Duty Zombies Outbreak On PC

Host Your Own Game In COD Cold War Zombies

If you and your friends fancy a game of Call Of Duty Cold War Zombies, but you don’t want to play with other random players online then the good news is you can host your own private game.

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There only needs to be two of you to be able to host your own private zombie game and you can choose from any of the zombie maps and also Outbreak.

The other good thing about hosting your own private game of zombies is that any progress you make towards your character rank or weapons will still be rewarded including the XP and unlocks.

****Top Tip****
Did you know if you are the host of the Zombie game you can pause the game then resume the game when you are ready!

How To Host Your Own Private Game Of Zombies & Outbreak

1. Within the game of Call Of Duty Cold War you need to first go to the Zombies menu

2. You now need to click the “Private” button

3. You can now choose which map or game mode you would like to host privately (Including Outbreak mode)

4. You will now have a couple of minutes to invite your friends into your private game.

Once the timer has finished counting down you and your friends will all be in your own private game of zombies, and no one else will be able to join your game unless you invite them.

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