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How To Record Replays In Fortnite

Record A Replay Or Favourite Moment In Fortnite

Do you sometimes pull off some awesome shots in Fortnite, or perhaps get lucky and do some sort of cool stunt and wish you had it on a replay?

Within Fortnite, you can actually enable a replay mode that will record your replays so that you can show all your friends the proof of what happened in your Fortnite game!

****Top Tip****
To watch your replays in Fortnite go to the Career tab on the main page and select replays

How To Enable Replays In Fortnite:

1. Launch Fortnite

2. Open the Settings menu (On PC – click the three 3 lines in the top right-hand corner, Playstation – press Start button, Xbox – press menu button)

3. Go across to the Game tab > Scroll down to Replays > Toggle Record Replays to ON

4. Press the relevant key or button to Apply your changes

There you have it, that’s how you record replays in Fortnite. Now go ahead and join a game and do something awesome.

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