Outriders Cant Join Friend Player Is Playing In Prologue

Outriders Player Is Playing In Prologue Error

When you are trying to join a friend in Outriders you may keep getting a Prologue Notification or error.

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This notification will say: Player is playing in Prologue “Player you are trying to join is playing in Prologue”.

The reason for this is because the friend you are trying to join is currently playing the first tutorial part of Outriders, which gives you the story and tells you what has happened, and allows you to learn the controls.

Once your friend has finished the prologue (basically the tutorial) to Outriders, and selected a class and loaded into the first City, you will then be able to join the player

****Top Tip****
Use the Prologue time in Outriders to get to learn how to use the weapons and skills

This is also the same if you are currently at the start of Outriders and have not completed the prologue yourself. Players trying to join your party even if you invite them will also receive the error saying Player is playing Prologue.

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