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How To Change Broadcasting Quality On PlayStation 5

When it comes to broadcasting your PlayStation 5 gameplay it’s always nice to broadcast your games in the best possible quality.

It can be very bad when you go to watch a stream on YouTube and it’s really hard to watch because of its quality.

So in this post, we will be showing you how to change the broadcast resolution of your PlayStation 5.

Changing the resolution will help improve the video quality and you can also increase the FPS (Frames per second) which can also help make the broadcast look better. Just keep in mind that the higher the resolution the more bandwidth will be required so you will need a decent internet connection for the broadcast to look good.

How To Change The Broadcast Resolution On PlayStation 5:

1. Go to Settings > Captures and Broadcasts

2. Select Broadcasts

3. Go to Video Quality and choose which resolution and fps that you would like

There you have it that is how you improve the quality of your PlayStation 5 broadcast so your gameplay streams will look a lot better. However, if you do notice that there is a bit of a delay in your broadcast or perhaps some slight stuttering etc. then you will need to lower the resolution as your internet connection is struggling with the broadcast.

Check out the video here on How To Change PlayStation 5 Broadcast Quality Tutorial if you are getting stuck.

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