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How to PlayStation 5 turn off controller.

Where Is The Off Button For The PS5 Controller?

Turning off the Playstation 5 controller is not a very obvious thing to do, but it can be easily done. It’s slightly different from the way you turn off the PS4 controller, but it’s still just as easy once you have done it once.

Why would you want to turn off your PS5 controller? Well, there can be many reasons why someone would want to turn off their controller. It could be that you are watching a movie and want to save the battery, maybe you are downloading a game, or perhaps you have just been playing split-screen and want to turn off the second controller.

How To Turn Off The Playstation 5 Controller Completely:

Below are the steps to turn off a PS5 controller without turning off your PS5 console.

1. Press the PS button once on your PS5 controller

2. Go along the menu that appears at the bottom of your screen and select Accessories

3. Select “Wireless Controller

4. Select “Turn Off

PS5 controller context menu showing Turn Off option.

There you have it that is how you can turn off your PS5 controller when it is not in use, but you still have your console turned on.

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