How To Fix PlayStation 5 Connection Issues

Fix Network Problems On Your PS5 Console

If you are trying to sign in to the PlayStation 5 network, browse the PlayStation store or even play a game online but you are constantly getting connection issues, then we have listed a couple of things below that you can try which will hopefully resolve the problems you are encountering on your PS5. Some of these problems could be:

  • PS5 keeps disconnecting
  • PS5 games lagging
  • PS5 games dropping connection

There can be many reasons why you are experiencing connection issues with your Playstation 5 such as; If you are using WiFi the signal could keep dropping due to the PS5 being too far away from the router, or perhaps you have recently changed the WiFi password. Give the steps below a try and hopefully, you will be able to fix any network issues with your PS5.

How To Fix Playstation 5 Connection Problems:

1. First make sure there are currently no known issues with your internet provider

2. Restart your PS5 – This fixes most problems when it comes to connection issues

3. Disconnect and reconnect to the network on your PS5:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Network > Settings
  • Where it says “Connect to the internet” toggle this to Off and then toggle back On to reconnect

4. Try connecting to the internet with another device using the same method as your PS5 (WiFi or Cable) and see if they are able to use the internet without any issues

5. Check to make sure there are no issues with the PlayStation Network:

  • You can check for PlayStation Network issues here

6. Change PS5 frequency – If your PS5 is quite far from your router and you are using Wi-Fi make sure it’s running at 2.4GHz – This is better for long-distance connections. If your PS5 is close to the Router change it to 5GHz as this provides less distance but will make the speeds faster:

  • Go to Settings > Select Network > Settings
  • Select “Set up internet connection” > Press the options button (3 lines) on your PS5 controller
  • Select Wi-fi frequency bands > Change to 2.4ghz

7. If it can be helped don’t use WiFi – This can cause lots of connection issues especially depending on where your PS5 is in your house and the distance from the router, so plug your Playstation 5 directly into your router using a cable if possible

8. Make sure your Playstation 5 is up to date:

  • Click on the settings cog > System
  • Go to System Software > Select “System Software Update and Settings
  • Update System Software” > Follow steps

9. Run a connection test and see where your connection is failing:

  • Go to the Settings cog > Go to Network
  • Select Connection Status > “Test Internet Connection

11. Restart your router – Just remember if anyone else is using the internet they will also lose connection

12. If your router has QoS (Quality of Service) then disable this option – It can limit your traffic and downloads giving voice traffic priority (Check the manual for your router on how to do this and if your router has it)

There you have it, that is how you can fix issues with your network or connection on your PS5 console. Hopefully one of these methods helped.

If you are still having constant connection problems then you might need to reset your PS5 back to default.

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