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Fix PlayStation 5 Game Icons Not Disappearing From Home Screen

If you have uninstalled and removed a game from your PlayStation 5 but for some strange reason the game icon is still stuck on your home screen and you cannot remove it no matter what you do, then don’t panic because there is something you can do which will hopefully remove the game icon from your home screen on your PS5.

****Top Tips****
It’s always a good idea to ensure you have backed up any important game data before doing the below
– This can method take several hours depending on how much data and games you have installed on your console

How To Fix Game Icons Won’t Remove On PS5

1. First, you need to completely power down your PS5 and make sure it’s not in rest mode

2. Now press & hold the power button and after you hear the second beep release the button

3. Plug your controller into your PS5 using the cable

4. Now Select Clear Cache and Rebuild Database

5. Select Rebuild Database

6. Select OK > Your PS5 will restart and this will now scan your PlayStation 5 and create a new database of all your content which will hopefully fix the game icon that’s not being removed from your Home screen

There you have it that’s how you fix game icons not removing from your PlayStation 5 home even after you have tried removing it.

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